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SeaHawk Aviation, a (SASO) FAA repair and inspection facility located on the East ramp at Wilmington International Airport has partnered with Boggs Avionics, a regional aviation radio and electronics firm. SeaHawk President David Rock reported that Boggs Avionics headed by George Boggs had previously operated at locations in Southport and Pinehurst NC where the company installs and certifies aircraft avionics including pilot radios, transponders, auto pilots and all glass cockpits. Rock said that the partnership with this well known avionics business by SeaHawk at ILM comes at a crucial time, with an FAA imposed 2020 deadline approaching in which all aircraft that fly to towered airports and in most classes of airspace will be mandated to equip with “nextgen” (the next generation) of aircraft transponders allowing pilots to monitor nearby flight traffic using satellite GPS rather than traditional ground radar.

At present, Rock said less than half of all aircraft flying today have completed this upgrade and avionics firms like Boggs will be extremely busy installing these new transponders which offer safer aviation and pilot communications with air traffic control (ATC). Planes certified for instrument flight must also undergo Pilot static testing every two years and this testing must also be done at a certified avionics repair center.
Boggs is a dealer for major avionics brands including Garmin, Bendix-King and Avidyne.

“We are pleased to be able to offer aircraft avionics at ILM so that pilots don’t have to fly their planes to distant locations to obtain these required aeronautical services,” Rock said.

SeaHawk Aviation is located at 1501 Morris Road on the South side of Wilmington international airport accessed from North Kerr Avenue.

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